Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Listening to God

We were given an amazing devotional called Experiencing God Day by Day by a family at church and it has opened my kids' eyes in so many ways. Although some things seem to be above their level, it leads to great questions and conversations. I have shared stories with them about how God has worked in my life and how I have seen him communicate in the lives of others as well. My eight year old has begun to listen for that still and quiet voice a bit more.

At his last doctor appointment, they did a vision test and determined that he probably needed glasses. They recommended a visit to the optometrist and I left with a referral for a great doctor. I wasn't worried about it but my son definitely was. "I am NOT wearing glasses," he announced before the pediatrician even closed the door.
"Bud, it's okay. What worries you about wearing glasses?" I asked, genuinely curious. (I remember faking bad vision in fifth grade because I thought glasses were a cool accessory. Apparently boys view this a bit differently.)
"I'll look silly! And they will fall off when I run!"
"I get it bud. I do. Let's wait to see what the eye doctor says before you get worked up. All you can do in the meantime is pray that nothing is wrong with your vision or that you have the grace to accept glasses if you have to get them."

Like so many things I say that I feel should earn a round of applause from my kids, this comment was met with brooding silence.

Nothing more was said about the glasses until a few weeks later. He spent an entire day with me as we went from one Jersey Mike's store to the next, promoting their Day of Giving for High Risk Hope. He patiently sat in the back seat reading a nature book and spouting out interesting facts. "Did you know that a blue whale is the biggest animal in the whole world?" he would ask me out of nowhere. And then suddenly he said, "Mommy! This says that carrots can help improve your vision." He paused and looked up, his eyes filled with light. "I think God led me to this book so that I don't have to get glasses."
I took a deep breath of gratitude that he could find God's love in the middle of a nature book.
"You just might be right, love. God is so cool."
"Can we stop and get some carrots on the way home, Mommy?"
"You got it."

I have always called it an honor to watch faith bloom in a person. Whether they are 88 or 8, it is an amazing thing to witness. To see this happen in my beautiful son is more powerful than I could have imagined. I don't know if he will need glasses or not but I do know that he will be able to see God and his love for him clearly. If I can give him that gift, I will be forever thankful.

How can you help your children see all the ways God is loving them? How can they help to open your eyes to all the ways he is loving you?

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