Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Opportunities to Serve

Our church's praise band was asked to perform before the Crop Walk in Venice and we were thrilled to have been given this opportunity. We always feel honored to share God's love and heart in any way we can. But my kids weren't quite as enthusiastic.

We ran home after church for a quick lunch and some quiet time then headed to the park. Questions filled the van as we bumped down the road. "Is there a slide at this park? Can I bring my scooter?" And then my personal favorite, "Why do we have to listen to you sing twice in one day?" I tried not to get defensive and said, "Well, it's an opportunity to serve God. Maybe we'll help someone know God's heart by singing in the park. We never know when he's at work." This was met by crickets. 

My two younger kids found swings and a climbing tree to entertain themselves while we set up but my oldest stuck close to me. He saw someone with a Crop Walk shirt and a clipboard and immediately concluded that she was the one that was in charge. He approached her without hesitation. "How can I help?" She was a bit taken aback then decided to take him up on his offer. 
"I've got some t-shirts that need to be hung up with clothespins. Can you help hand them to me?"
"Sure!" he said, jumping in with enthusiasm. 

As we sang, I watched him continually go back to this woman for more jobs then zip around carrying boxes and balloons and t-shirts. He didn't stop smiling. When his work was done, he came up on stage between songs for a quick hug. "I'm really proud of your servant's heart," I told him.

"Think she'll give me one of those book marks for all my work?" he asked with wide eyes. 

"Maybe so," I replied trying to hide a little smile.

I'm amazed at him all the time but I was particularly thankful for this glimpse into his heart and soul. So many of our interactions are power struggles (I could start a library with all my strong willed child books) but this reminded me that God has given him the ability to follow as well as lead. I needed the reminder.

Do you have a child that is particularly challenging? Ask God today to show you opportunities to channel their strong personalities. There may be someone that needs their "help" and can give them ways to exercise those leadership muscles.

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