Sunday, December 4, 2016

Keep it Up!

"I was just telling someone the other day about your sweet son, Drew" a sixty-something neighbor said to me as I walked my dog this morning.
"Oh really?" 
"Yes, I was telling my friend that I had never met such a kind child. Did you see what he did at Halloween?" she asked.
"When you spilled your candy bowl?"
"Yes! He helped me clean it up and when I tried to give him extra candy, he said, 'I can't take any more - That's your candy to enjoy.' I couldn't believe it! Most kids would just take it all and run!"

She left out the part about my daughter coming right behind him and asking for a third candy bar but I let that slide. "Thank you so much for letting me know! He truly does have a kind heart."

"You must be doing something right, honey. Keep it up!" She smiled at me as she resumed her walk and I was left feeling so wonderful inside.

I work every day to make sure my kids' character is strong. I pray every day that I can teach them kindness and strength and resilience and faith. But this parenting journey is a long one and I spend more time than I should second guessing my choices. This sweet neighbor gave me a gift today. She told me that I am, indeed, on the right track. 

I am going to make an effort this week to seek out parents and let them know something I love about their children. I want to pay it forward. I encourage you to do the same. Tell them a story about their child that made you smile. Tell them that they are doing a great job. We all need to hear it - Be the one to give that gift.

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