Wednesday, September 14, 2016

You Sick

My daughter has just begun to pretend. I love this phase. I love all the scenarios they dream up and playing along with the twists and turns of the story line. My little girl seems to gravitate toward all things medical. She has a vet kit and a doctor kit and spends a lot of time making her stuffed animals or family members "better". Yesterday, I got to be sick.

I had woken up at 6:30, walked the dog, gotten ready, helped with breakfast and was getting our school stuff laid out when she demanded that I lay down. "You sick! It time to rest, silly!"
"I'm not sick, baby. Don't worry," I said, not realizing what she was doing. My mind was only half on the conversation as I reread my lesson plan for today, making sure I had all of our materials ready to go.

"Just pretend! C'mon, Mommy! You sick!" she said coaxingly.

Honestly, the last thing I wanted to do was stop what I was doing. My mind already had the checklist in place and I wanted to get it all done. It can feel like I can't even complete a thought without an interruption and I sometimes just want to finish what I started. I took a deep breath and weighed the situation. Was five minutes of pretend really too much to ask? No. No it wasn't. "I do feel sick, Dr. Rosie! I think I have a fever!" I said as I laid down on the couch. Her face lit up and she began digging in her doctor kit.

"Let's check your temp-a-ture," she said slowly and deliberately as she laid her hand on my forehead. "Here, Mommy. Let's cover you up. You freezing!" She pulled a tiny square of gingham from her picnic set and laid it gently over me. She looked at me lovingly and started stroking my hair out of my eyes. "There. Better, Mommy? All better?"

I started to tear up. This worried her immediately. "You crying? Why you cry, Mommy?"

"It's okay, baby. You are just doing such a good job taking care of me. I am so thankful for you."

"Awww! I love you, Mommy. So much!" She wrapped me in a hug then moved on to take the blood pressure of my pinkie. My mind, however, stayed in that moment. I hadn't realized how much I needed someone to stop and see me and my needs. Even though it was pretend, it woke me up. It reminded me that I'm not helping anyone by burning myself out. I don't have to constantly be moving and serving. Sometimes I need to tell the people that love me that I need a break. I need to watch some silly 90's movie in the bedroom with a bowl of ice cream. I need to admit that I need a hug - a long one - and a listening ear. I need to add myself to the list of people that need to be taken care of. And so do you.

Take a minute today to think about what you need. Are you tired? Maybe you can put on a movie and relax for a few. Do you need to get out of the house? Tell your spouse - They will help you find a way. Your needs are just as important as everyone else's. Take care of yourself today. Deal?

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