Saturday, April 16, 2016

Sense of Adventure

"Mommy, you make everything seem like an adventure. Even if we're just going outside or taking a walk you make it really fun," my oldest shared during dinner. I was taken aback by this pronouncement. This was coming from the child that wants everything exactly the same every single day. The one who fights me on every new meal, new experience or even a new type of art project appreciates new adventures?

"Wow, love. That makes me feel really wonderful. I feel that way - Like everything has the potential to be a new adventure. I just didn't realize that you appreciated that about me. Thank you for telling me!" I reached over to hug him and he fell into the embrace.
"You just always know how to make things more cool," he said as I held him close. I kissed the top of his head, grateful for this moment.

I worry, like we all do, that I don't do enough. I worry that we don't spend enough time on academics or enough time playing. I worry about what they eat and how much they sleep. I worry that my discipline is too harsh or too lax. But time and time again, a small voice reminds me that it is much more powerful to be than to do. 

I am myself with my children. I am imperfect. I cry when things get overwhelming. I say the right thing sometimes and the wrong thing sometimes. I need time alone and I need time with my family and I need time with my friends. I have really bad days and really good days. Just like you. 

My son reminded me that our children somehow are able to see the big picture. They don't focus on all the times we don't do it right. They focus on the averages and appreciate it when we're real. They learn that it's okay to be human when we let down our guard and tell them that we're having a rough day. They see our hearts more clearly than we do and appreciate all the little things that make us unique. They love unconditionally.

If you are feeling especially hard on yourself today, try to zoom out and look at the big picture. Are you a great parent most of the time? What do you do really well? If you're children are old enough, ask them what they appreciate most about you. You might be surprised how much they can see.

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