Thursday, April 14, 2016

Nice to Meet You

My parents invited us to a chili cook off at the Board of Realtors. They have recently started a career in real estate (Need a realtor? They are the best) and they wanted us to meet all the people they work with at their agency. We piled in and the introductions began.
"Luke, this is Linda. Linda, this is my fabulous grandson Luke."
"Very nice to meet you, Linda. Are you having a good time?"
"Yes! Thank you, Luke! Are you going to eat some chili?"
"Maybe, if it's not spicy. Well, it was nice to meet you!" He said as he trailed off toward a table of cornbread. I was proud of his polite manners but I didn't realize my 2 year old daughter had been paying attention. 

She and I were taking a look at the Michael Kors bags in the silent auction and another lady was browsing next to us. 
"Hi!" My daughter said, leaning over to get the woman's attention.
"Oh, hi little lady!"
"You want to know my name? It's Diane."
"Me Ro Ro" she said, pointing at herself.
"Her name is Rosie," I clarified.
"Yeah, Rosie," my daughter said carefully, trying to get the word exactly right.
"What a pretty name!"
"Thank you! Meet you!"
"Nice to meet you too, Rosie!"

I couldn't believe that she had duplicated the interaction that she had watched twenty minutes prior. She hadn't missed a step in the process. "Such wonderful manners, Ro! I'm proud of you!"
"Thank you, Mama! Thank you!" She said as she hugged me.

I set her down to run around and thought about what a gift it has been for me to have older children set an example. She watches her brothers to learn what to do and how to act. She watches me, too, but they have more influence somehow. When I see them doing all the things I have worked so hard to teach them, I am not only proud but relieved. My daughter will not only have her parents to teach her but two loving brothers as well.

Today, take some time to thank God for the village that is helping to raise your children. Whether it be adults or children, be grateful for the teaching they are getting from the wonderful people that you surround them with each day.

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