Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Love Your Job

My middle child can be...well...lazy. There, I said it. He's a million wonderful things but he is most certainly lazy. Every job that I ask him to do throws him into a deep depression. He falls on the floor like a limp noodle and whines into the carpet. "But I was just going to play cars!!" Or "Why do I have to do so...much...work??" I answer him with great compassion. "Get up. Do it. No more whining." I had accepted this as our fate until recently.

I went on a trip to Denver to visit my sister and her family all by myself. (Heaven, right?) When I got back, I realized that a few things had been changed. "Drew, go switch the load of clothes to the dryer," my husband yelled out absentmindedly. I looked at our middle child, waiting for the melt down. "Okay, Daddy!" He said as he bounced up off the floor where he was playing. I watched him run to the laundry room in disbelief. 
"He does the laundry?"  
"Oh yeah. He loves it. When you were gone, he cried about setting the table so I just asked him what he liked to do. He said he loves the laundry so I just switched his job."
"And he does it without crying? Without asking you for help the whole time?"
"Yeah. He even does the soap and he cleans the lint trap. I'm telling you, he loves it."
I heard the dryer begin spinning and saw the proud face of my four year old peaking around the corner. "Nice job, bud! I didn't know you could do laundry!"
His little smile broadened. "Yep, I can!" He shouted as he ran back to his room to play.
"Dane, you are amazing. Seriously. Amazing."
"It's all about finding a job you love, baby," he said, turning back to his iPad.

Isn't it unbelievable how dads can make things so clear? He wasn't mired in the emotion of it. He simply figured that if the kid didn't like doing it, maybe he would like doing something else. So simple. So easy. I am reminded about what God promises us about our spouses - He tells us that they will be a perfect complement to us. We will be good at the things they struggle with doing. They will be able to do the things that just don't come easily to us. While this can be frustrating (How hard is it to just take off your shoes at the door?! or Does she really have to go shopping every week?!) it is also a huge blessing. Our differences make us stronger. We were designed this way for a purpose. I am forever thankful to my husband for all of the gifts that he shares with me (especially those that erase tantrums from my day!)

Take a look at your husband or wife today and think about the things that make you different. How do you complement each other's differences? How can you help be your spouse's strength instead of their biggest critic?

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