Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Who Do You Admire?

My husband does a mini Bible study with the kids over breakfast (as long as no one is crying, yelling, or dumping out their cereal milk). Some friends from church gave us an amazing devotional called Experiencing God for Kids and it's the first one that has really been relatable for them. It focuses more on their relationship to God than the stories they've already heard numerous times. This morning, the question up for discussion was this - Who are the two people you admire most and why?

Crickets could be heard (or was that the slurping of cereal?) after my husband posed the question. My oldest was first to break the ice. "Well..." He began hesitantly. "I don't want to hurt you or Mommy's feelings but it isn't you guys. It's Granny and Papa because they are so much smarter than you guys. They are a lot older so they know a lot more."

My husband took it in stride. "That's good bud. That doesn't hurt my feelings. I think it's great you admire them. Drew, what about you?" He looked at our four year old hoping for a response other than "the ninja turtles". 

"Luke," he said thoughtfully. "I don't think you should have picked Granny and Papa. I think you should have picked God. He knows everything and he's so nice. Shouldn't we admire God the very most?"

We all sat, frozen for a minute. Did a four year old really just say that? "Wow, Drew. You're right. That's true. God is who we should admire above all. Thank you," my husband said with a warm smile.

My husband and I talked about it later, still a bit shocked at his wisdom. "I didn't even think of God. Did you?" I asked him. 
"Nope. I didn't. He really gets it, doesn't he? He gets it even more than we do."

He really does. He loves God. He feels close to Him. He doesn't doubt Him. My four year old showed me today what true faith looks like. I aspire to have my heart that focused and sure. Today, I admired my son and his love for our Lord.

Who do you admire most and why? Do you ever feel doubt in your heart about whether or not God has your back? Focus today on all the reasons you have to admire Him.

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