Friday, February 26, 2016

The Bersch Family

Bersch Family

I was diagnosed with Vasa Previa at 20 weeks and placed on hospital bed rest at Tampa General Hospital at 27 weeks. After receiving steroids, magnesium drip and antibiotics I was moved to the high risk obstetrics floor for strict observation. Seven weeks later, my son was born at 33 weeks and 3 days on 4.15.14 via an emergency cesarean section. He had under developed lungs and needed to be intubated for less than 24 hrs and received surfactant twice. His recovery from premature lung disease was a very frustrating and worrisome battle. Slowly he weaned from CPAP to cannula until we could bring him home exactly 6 weeks to the day of his birth and just 4 days short of his due date.

It is amazing how spending seven weeks on hospital bed rest could feel like it never happened once it was over. The amount of support I received from family and friends and High Risk Hope (HRH) was overwhelming. All the visits, care baskets, phone calls, emails, texts, Facebook posts all made the time pass by fairly quickly. The hardest part was being away from my husband Kyle and daughter Kieresten.

HRH played a huge part in my overall well being and happiness while on bed rest and while my son was in the NICU. Heather Barrow was one of the first people at my bedside telling me her story and that I had to be the one to make the decision to be positive about my situation. Her advice stayed with me throughout this entire journey and even still today. The Bed Rest Basket I received from HRH had so many useful and fun things for me and so did the NICU Napsack. I had a few volunteers stop in to say hello and lift my spirits. This organization has wonderful people working for an amazing cause. I am amazed by how many people have similar yet different stories like mine. We have already donated to HRH, plan to attend the Tot Trot and I personally plan to donate my time and support to this organization going forward.

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