Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Giving Soul

My daughter is somewhat obsessed with her blankies. She has three that she simply cannot live without. She piles them all up in her bed a certain way and when she wakes up, she has to bring her "bips" with her. We find them all over the place - Next to the toilet, in the pantry or just jumbled up on the floor. But they rarely make it to the washing machine.

I try. I really do. But she catches me every time. If one is missing, she immediately finds me and screams out, "BIPS!!" then runs to the washing machine. If it is spinning in washing machine, her world crumbles. She falls to the floor sobbing dramatically and becomes inconsolable. We kiss her head gently then try to redirect her attention to something else. My sons, however, cannot handle seeing her upset.

Yesterday was a rainy day and the kids were itching to play outside. We told them that they could play in the lanai under cover. Rosie gathered up her pile of blankets to take outside with her and my husband warned her that it was wet outside. "Baby, if your blankies get all wet, we will have to wash them. Are you sure you want to take them outside?"
"Mmm hmm!" she said sweetly. "MINE!" she said, not so sweetly as she turned toward the lanai with determination.
Ten minutes later, she walked in with sopping wet blankets. My husband and I looked at each other, not wanting to be the one that broke the news to her. "Let me have your blankies, baby. We have to wash them. They are all wet," he said as he stroked her fat little cheek. Tears began to fall. 
"I have to, baby. I told you that would happen if they got all wet."
At this point, she was beyond reason. She screamed, wailed, fell on the floor, and choked out sobs. I let her steam run out then picked her up. "Done?" I asked her.
"NO!" she said defiantly and resumed the tantrum.
"Ro Ro," my four year old interjected. "Ro Ro, here. Here's my monster blankie. You can have it til your blankies are all clean!"
The tears dried up like a faucet being turned off. "Oh. Tanks."
"Your welcome!" 

I couldn't believe his generosity. His monster blanket is one if the most important things to him. He sleeps with it and cannot sleep without it. He could've gotten any one of the ten other blankets we have scattered around the house but, instead, he chose to give her the one thing that brings him the most comfort. 

We should all be that geneorous. We should all be willing to give the one thing that matters most to us to someone else if they need it. What good are possessions if they don't provide some means of comfort to us or others? As I stare at all the "stuff" that surrounds me, I am inspired. Who might need it? Who can I give it to? I saw a post on Facebook encouraging people to fill up one trash bag of stuff a day for 40 days. What if we all did that with the mindset of giving to others instead of just decluttering our homes? Let's start today.

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