Sunday, December 20, 2015

The First Delivery

There have been times during this journey of helping other NICU and bedrest moms that I have been sieged with self-doubt. Could I fundraise enough? Could I stay organized enough? Could I manage yet another ball in my juggling act? I would shove the doubts aside and envision all the moms at the hospital hoping and praying that they would go home with a healthy baby. That gave me a renewed sense of purpose. And on Friday, after a year of working, I was able to deliver our first batch of NICU bags to Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

My mom and I arrived with a mini-van full of thirty canvas bags stuffed with neccessities for the moms. We were greeted by the NICU nurse manager and she was absolutely astonished by the number of bags. "I thought you were only going to bring five or six bags! This is unbelievable!" We hugged and then loaded up two carts to bring to antipartum and the NICU. My heart was hammering in my chest - It was surreal to be there.

The nurse manager scanned us into the NICU and we scrubbed in. "Would you like to deliver the first one?" she asked with a twinkle in her eye. I nodded and followed her to a darkened room with a tiny baby in an isolette. The mother couldn't have been more than twenty and her eyes were tired and drawn. I held her hands and looked into those weary eyes. I told her I was there two years ago and I know how scary it is. I told her that I brought not only a bag but an army of women who have been through this and have come through to the other side. We were all there, ready and waiting to support her through the High Risk Hope network. I told her she is not alone in this fight. 

As we all wiped away tears, I saw a flicker of light return to her eyes. "Thank you. Really...thank you." I hugged her and silently prayed that God's peace would fill her soul. 

I have begun to believe that we experience hardship so that we can give comfort and understanding to all that will experience it in the future. Comfort is a simple and quaint word but it has a profound impact. It's something that we can all do, each and every day. We can tell our husbands that we are right alongside them during this stressful time. We can hold our children after a disapointment and tell them that you have been there and will be there as they work through it. We can hold a friend's hand or a one of a stranger and say a few simple words, "You are not alone." Those words can move mountains.

Is there someone that you've been led help? Maybe you've had a tough experience but you've come out on the other side. How can you give comfort to those that are still in the thick of it?

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