Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Full House

We are a month into the house switch without any solid prospects on a buyer. Lots of traffic, lots of possibilities but no sale. I expected to feel frustrated by now  (I had an imaginary deadline of Thanksgiving) but instead I am starting to see how God may be using this situation for so much more than the sale of a house.

I love quiet. I love to be alone. I love to have time to think and wonder and dream. And yet, I feel led to fill my house with noise and chaos and constant activity. There's a little girl across the street (11 years old) that started swinging by the house on her scooter or bike each afternoon. She would play whatever my kids were playing then slowly make her way over to me. She began telling me stories, sharing things and asking me questions about "the super dramatic girls at school". As the weeks progress, she spends less time with my kids are more time with me. She bakes cookies or helps with projects or just sits on the counter and talks. Somehow, this has become a safe place for her.

She brought over another little boy from the neighborhood who instantly befriended my oldest and he has become a daily visitor to our home. Apparently, he's not always good about telling his parents where he has gone. His parents cruised the neighborhood and found us outside then stayed to talk for an hour or two. They, too, have become friends. 

There are some days I wish I could kick everybody out and just have a moment of peace. There are some moments when I'm looking at my battle worn pantry and wonder if I can just pull out one more snack, one more lunch, one more juice box to feed the growing herd of children that come to my home. But then I feel that still small voice telling me that this isn't about me. This is about these other families. This is about these beautiful children. I truly feel that God wants me to open up my home in any way that I can. It's funny - My husband and I always wanted to have a lot of kids. Maybe this is God's gentle way of giving them to us.

Is there something that you feel led to do that is way outside of your comfort zone? How can you trust Him and take the leap?

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