Friday, December 18, 2015

Doing the Most Good

"So...this really cool thing happened today," my husband began as he chopped peppers and onions for our dinner. "There was this kid and he was SO nice. He did something I knew I should do but I didn't. I think you should write about it because, you know, we all want our kids to be like this one." And so I connected with his mom and got her side of the story so that I could share it with you. My husband was right - We all want our kids to have hearts this big.

My husband was walking in to Publix the other day and he noticed an elderly man struggling to cross the parking lot. He paused for a moment, unsure whether to help him or not then continued toward the store. Before he made it one more step, a ten year old Salvation Army bell ringer ran across the parking lot to assist the old man. My husband watched him hook is arm gingerly around the man's elbow and guide him to the other side of the street. The man thanked him quietly and went in to shop.

My husband stopped to tell his mom how sweet that was and she simply said, "Thank you but he was just doing the right thing." 
My husband grabbed the few things we needed (probably those peppers and onions!) and stopped again on his way out to talk to the little boy. 
"That's awesome that you helped that man across the street. I thought about helping him but I didn't do it - You did. We need more kids like you out there." 

"Is Austin always helpful like that?" I asked his mom a few days later. 
"Well, yeah. The weekend before last, we were ringing the bell and he unloaded groceries for an elderly woman that was having trouble. He just really likes to help people. His goal this year was to be a patrol at school and he's worked really hard to make that happen. He helps kids with their homework during study hall...I guess he's always been that way."

When I told her that he wouldn't be that way without their great parenting, she was very humble. "Oh, I don't know. If you saw me on another day you might not say that!" But I think I would. You see, we all have those days that we wish we could erase. We have those moments when we say things that we wish we could take back. But when we watch our kids living all that we've tried to teach them, we have to know that we had something to do with that. That should give us some rest and some relief that we are doing all we can to raise loving and kind people.

"When you see someone that you know could use your help, stop, and take the time to help that person because Austin might not be there to do it for you, like he was for me. It was quite humbling to know that this 10 year old little man was teaching me a lesson without even knowing it. From my perspective, it is far more important to do the right thing when no one is looking than to look around to see if you are going to get credit for doing the right thing," my husband shared. Couldn't agree more.

Thank you, Austin, for your amazing heart for helping others. Thank you to your beautiful family for supporting that and giving you opportunities to do it. And keep it up. We need more kids and parents like you out there.

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  1. Thank you so much for writing this! You are so sweet and your husband really went out of his way to recognize what Austin did; which really had a big impact on him. Thank you again!!


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