Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Baker Family

Jacob Baker

Full Name: Jacob Lamar Baker
Parents: Edith and Fred
Birthdate: December 1, 2012
Gestational Age at Birth: 26 weeks and 5 days
Favorite Toy: Sock Monkey
After 15 yrs. of marriage I thought my hopes for having a child were gone. Shortly after celebrating my 41st birthday found out we were expecting. We were so excited and nervous about all the things that can go wrong. On Oct. 21, 2012 I went to St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital for a routine ultrasound. I was told I had a very short cervix (7mm). A wonderful Doctor on staff talked to us about all the risks we faced because I was only 21 weeks pregnant. I was sent home on complete bed rest. Ten days later, my Doctor decided to admit me to the hospital on the high risk obstetric floor on complete bed rest for the duration of my pregnancy.
We anxiously waited for the 24th week, when I received the steroid injection to help Jacob’s lungs develop. Shortly after, the doctors determined my membranes had ruptured and I was leaking amniotic fluid and I was taken to the labor and delivery. Once again we waited to see if Jacob was ready to meet us but he decided it wasn’t time. I stayed on hospital bed rest with a leaking sack, dilated cervix and gestational diabetes for another 10 days.
On the morning of Dec. 1st I was taken to labor and delivery once again. I had never been so scared in my life. I was about to meet Jacob. My wonderful husband was by my side all day. He was my rock through it all. At 10:09pm, my Sunshine was here. All I could think about was if Jacob was he OK. The NICU staff was working on him and then gave us the thumbs up that he was OK! Jacob was taken to the NICU floor with his Daddy by his side. Jacob weighed 1lb. 13oz. and was 13 inches long. I couldn’t wait to go see him and that first moment was magical. I looked at him and said, there is my baby! He opened his eyes and it was the most wonderful feeling ever. The next day, the NICU doctors met with us to let us know of all the risks Jacob would face, but Jacob surprised us all, and beat every risk. Jacob remained in the NICU for 72 days and came home on Feb. 17th 2013.
I can’t thank everyone enough who helped our family make it through this difficult time. Thanks to all the staff at St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital for the great care during our stay. Thanks to our family and friends for the love, support and all of the prayers. Thanks to the wonderful women at High Risk Hope for the care packages I received while I was there. For taking the time to talk and listen to me about this roller coaster ride I was on. Jacob, ‘My Sunshine” is now in perfect health, very energetic, loving, happy and very talkative boy, and we are enjoying this miracle!
Every $35 will help another family like the Bakers through this incredibly stressful time. Thank you for your prayers and donations for these families!

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