Monday, October 19, 2015

A Gift for You

Life has been a bit tense as we try to navigate a move with three wonderful but messy children. We have decided to switch houses with my parents as we list our house (I know, I know - You're not the first one to say we are crazy) and the process has seemed endless. The kids have just tried to stay out of the way but I keep finding disasters to fix (Did you know alcohol can get Sharpie off of wooden tables? I learned that this week.) My patience has officially run out. Put a fork in me - I am done.

We got settled into my parent's house on Friday and my mom left surprises for the kids everywhere. She set up stations for them to do all their favorite projects and there is a little workshop in her garage for the boys. My husband poured me a glass of wine as we reveled in the quiet. Our boys were happily hammering...something and our daughter was coloring at her little table. "Isn't it amazing to not worry about what they might be destroying?" I said as I leaned back in the giant recliner. "I forgot to tell you Drew peed on the wall the other day."

He laughed (always music to my ears) and said, "Oh man! I found Rosie coloring on the wall I just painted yesterday. I was so mad."

We went back and forth like this for awhile, complaining, but in a way that said, "aren't you glad that's over so we can laugh about it?" Just then, my oldest walked in with yet another creation made out of a shoebox, curtain clamps and a bungee coard. "Look! It's a gondola!"

"That's great, buddy. Can you put it on your shelf for me?" I asked him.
"But I'm out of room on my shelf."
"Yeah! I can make so many cool things with all this stuff from Granny!"
"Well, maybe you can keep them in your room."
He thought about that idea for minute. "How about I just make gifts for everybody we know?! Granny and Papa and Aunt Tessie and EVERYBODY!" The last word trailed as he ran back to his workshop. 

I thought about how cool it was that he was using his workshop to make gifts rather than things for himself but then I realized he had some great examples. He's watching my parents give us their whole house to us. He sees all the wonderful things they have prepared for him and he wants to be like that, too. And you know what? So do I.

Who has been generous to you lately? How can you give selflessly to those you love today? 

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