Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sharing the Love

My baby girl LOVES blankets. Her crib is littered with at least ten of them and if I attempt to wash them, she cries as she watches the washing machine spin around with her most comforting possessions. That's why her gift to me meant so much.

I have been missing her lately. It seems odd to say because I am with her every day but my mind has been somewhere else. I am focused on teaching the boys in the morning and I have been spending my time packing our house for an upcoming move in the afternoon. I am distracted as I organize contractors ranging from carpet installers to power washers. And yet she follows me around from room to room and finds something interesting to do. She'll yell for attention every once in awhile but mostly seems content just to be near me.

I put her to bed last night and asked for a hug. She will usually push away to fall into her sea of blankets but last night, she gave me a real hug. She laid her little head on my shoulder then, as I rocked back and forth, she gently slid into the crook of my arm. "I think God knew we needed this time, don't you?" I asked her. We smiled at each other and stayed like that for a long time. I felt tears welll up in my eyes and asked God to help me remember this moment. I wanted to capture everything - The weight of her in my arms, the roundness of her sweet cheeks and the love in her innocent eyes. 

 "Bed," she said quietly. I layed her down in her crib and tried to cover her up with one of her beloved blankets. She sat bolt upright and said, "Mama!" She thrust out her arm, blanket in hand. 
"You want me to have your blankie?" I asked.
"Um hmmm!" 
"You are such a generous girl. I love you so much."
"Love," she said sleepily as she laid down.

When we get busy or overwhelmed or stressed, it's easy to worry that our children are suffering because of it. But if we look for the opportunities to love them, God will show them to us. If we take those opportunities, we will fill up their cup of love completely. They don't need our undivided attention every minute but they do need to know that your love for them will never change. 

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