Friday, September 4, 2015

Miss Adventure

"Mommy! You aren't playing with us! Let's have a squirt gun fight," my four year old yelled from across the pool.
"Yeah! Your not being fun at ALL!" my six year old complained. 

I was swimming in the pool with all three kids and spending most of my time pulling my 18 month old up out of the water. She has no fear. She jumps off her little raft and smiles as she kicks underwater. I pull her up out of the water and she tries to lunge right back in. She's a strong little thing but she hasn't figured out how to swim to the side for a breath. It was simply impossible to play with the boys because my constant focus was on rescuing my little adventurer.

"Maybe we should try water wings," I said to my six year old. "Think she's ready?" 
"Yeah! I'll go blow them up!" he said as he ran over to our stash of pool toys. 
I saw her jump in out of the corner of my eye and fished her out again. "Hurry bud!" I yelled.
We put them on her together and she eyed them curiously. "They are like bracelets! Swimming bracelets!" I told her, trying to sell her. Satisfied, she jumped into the pool and floated right back up.

"Oh my gosh! It's her very first time using water wings!" my six year old exclaimed. "Mommy, where is your phone? We have to take a video!" He ran to the table and started the video. "This is Rosie and it's her very first time using water wings. Look at you go, baby girl! You are swimming! You are a great swimmer!" He stopped the video and called her over to the side to watch. "You won't believe this, Rosie! Watch this! You can swim!" She fought her way over to the side and watched the video, smiling quietly. She was proud.

As I replayed the whole scene in my head, I realized that she is adventurous because she is surrounded by people who believe in her. She is constantly told that she can do it. She is applauded for her efforts, even when she fails. She is loved unconditionally. 

Don't we all need that? We all need a team of people that tell us we can do it and encourage us through our failures. A support system reminds us of all we are capable of doing. Who is on your cheerleading team? Call them/Text them/Email them/Facebook them...Just tell them that you are grateful to have them then find someone you can encourage today. It will make a difference, I know it.

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