Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Wreck It Rosie

My sons had a friend over and they were working hard at buidling a marble maze.  They had built a three story structure when their sister made her way over to their creation.  "THAT!" she said loudly as she reached for a marble.  "Guys, you may want to put that on a table before she crashes it," I said, hoping to save their tower from imminent destruction.

"Will she break it?" their friend (and only child) asked.  
"Oh yeah," my oldest said. "That's why we like to call her 'Wreck it Rosie'.
Before the words could completely come out of his mouth, she had crashed the entire structure down to the floor. 
"Oh man!  Rosie!!" the boys said in unison.  She looked at them innocently as if to say, "Who?  Me?" and I picked her up to redirect her. 
"C'mon, sweet girl, I will build you a tower you can crash."

My husband and I laugh at the nickname that came from one of their favorite movies, Wreck-it Ralph.  It is apropos. And, interestingly, it has caused a bond to form between my two boys.  They often fought about things that are "MINE!" and still do.  But they have begun to work on projects together, in their room, to keep them safe from Wreck-it-Rosie.  They have developed a system where one of them works while the other one "protects" their current project from their sister.  In short, they have not let her bring them down.

There are often things in our lives that are broken by others.  I thought about how the boys approached it and learned something from them.  They were upset with her as they should have been but they didn't just sit there, angry and brooding.  They banded together, came up with solutions and didn't let her get in the way of what they were doing.  I admire that.  I hope that when challenges and roadblocks come into my life, I can be a creative problem solver. That's so much more appealing than being an angry quitter.

Is there a Wreck-it Rosie in your life?  How can you be creative about your approach and move forward to make things happen?

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