Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Interests of Others

"Is everyone all done?" my three year old asked. He asks this question after every dinner because it's his ticket to dessert. This time, however, he had different plans.

"We're done, bud. You can get down," my husband told him. 

We were at my parent's house enjoying a huge meal after church. My mom decided to start having us over once a month in hopes of starting a little tradition. We see each other often but we are rarely all together at the same time. This was a way to relax together and, as the kids get older, a guaranteed window of time to spend as a family. 

We fell back into conversation and barely saw my three year old's head pop up beside his Papa. He discreetly handed him a toothpick (my dad's must-have after every meal). "Oh! Thank you, Drew," my dad said, surprised. But he wasn't done yet.

He scooted between the chairs and the buffet to get to my mom. "Granny? Would this plate be good to give to Ruby for her snack?" Ruby is my parents adorable and spoiled puggle and she enjoys a plate of leftovers after dinner.

"This one might be better for her belly," my mom said as she handed him a plate with bits of chicken and carrots. "Very thoughtful of you, Drew!"

He smiled a quiet smile then handed the plate to Ruby. He disappeared into the playroom after that, satisfied that everyone had been taken care of completely.

Phillipians 2:4 says, "Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others." I saw that in my son that day. I watched him consider their needs first, before his own. I was warmed by his kindness and inspired to do the same.

Notice your children helping another today and praise them lavishly. Maybe even let them take care of you a bit, too. You deserve it.

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