Thursday, July 30, 2015

Wednesday Projects

My Pinterest boards are overflowing with projects that I would just love to do and yet, I never seem to have enough time (or motivation!)  to get them going. My mom and I were talking about some of the projects the other day and she had an idea. "Let's start a project day on Wednesdays! We'll alternate each week, my house then your house, and we can work while the kids nap. Luke can always help us. What do you think?" How could I say no to that?

We created a private Pinterest board and started loading it up with all the things we both wanted to do or learn how to do. I decided to play with some chalk paint for our first project and we started with my bedroom side tables. These things are cheap. Really cheap. My husband and I bought them at Rooms to Go ten years ago and the paint finish was literally flaking off. I had covered it with a table runner for the last two years and I was ready to throw it away. If the chalk paint project bombed, no loss.

Wednesday came and I was fried. My kids had been so much that morning. My normally wonderful children had become crying, destructive, wild little people and had demanded so much of me that I was crying by 10:30 AM. I started to doubt the project idea. At 11, my mom walked in with brushes, an apron and a complete lunch for us (including cake!). She saw my face and took over the child care ccompletely. Whithin 20 minutes, my shoulders began to relax and I started to feel human again.

My mom helped put the kids down for a nap and then we both ran downstairs to start painting. We sanded, chalk painted the tables then spray painted my bedroom lamps. I had chosen a bright tourquoise for the tables and an apple green for the lamps. We talked a little but mostly worked side by side. We finished in under an hour and the transformation was unreal.

"It looks like I bought new furniture!" I exclaimed.
"It really does. See, isn't this fun?!"

It really is fun. It's fun to spend that time with her. It's fun to take care of myself for just a little while. It's fun to watch an idea become reality. And it was certainly overdue.

I know that it's hard to make time for yourself as a busy parent of young children, but it's so worth it. Do you have a project buddy that you could work with? There's something so great about working together. Start dreaming and planning today.

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