Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Can I Make an Announcement?

My husband called me after dropping our oldest son off at Camp Invention. "I feel like my baby bird just left the nest," he confided.

"How did he do? Were the other kids nice to him?" I asked a little too quickly.
"He was great. They were great. A kid asked him to play right away and they had all kinds of things to do that are perfect for him. Creative stuff. He's going to fit right in."
"But it was still hard to let him go, wasn't it?"
"Yeah. Yeah, it was."
I imagine the feeling was very similar to parents dropping their kids off for the first day of Kindergarten. We knew it would be a wonderful experience. (Kids can take electronic items apart and create new inventions with the parts...This is a dream come true for him.) And yet, it's hard to let go.
As I watched him brush his teeth on Sunday night in his plaid Hugh Hefner pajamas, I prayed that the kids would welcome him, that the intructors would see all the incredible things that we see in him. I prayed that he would be enriched by the experience and begin building foundations for new friendships. I prayed simply that every one would be nice to him.

When it came time to pick him up, my younger two and I raced out of the car. We were so excited to see him. "Where is Lukey? Where is my brother?" my three year old said over and over as kids spilled out of the classrooms. "He's coming, bud. He's coming," I said even though I felt the same anxiousness. And then he appeared.

My three year old wrapped him in a giant hug. "I love you, Luke! I really love you!"
"Thanks, Drew."

One of the adults called to me over sea of children's heads. "Oh, are you Luke's mom?" 
I made my way over to her and said that I was. "He is so amazing. So bright! He asked me if he could make an announcement while they were working on the inventions. He stood up and said, 'I just want everyone to know that even if your inventions aren't perfect or exactly as you imagined, you should be really proud of yourselves. Every one did a great job.' It was the sweetest thing! All the kids had a better attitude after that speech, let me tell you!"

Amazing, bright and inspirational. It was more than I could've hoped for.
"Thank you so much for telling me," I told her. "Luke, that was such an incredibly cool thing to do."
I called my husband and my parents to tell them the story. "What a leader. What a neat kid," they all said.

He is an amazing, bright, inspirational leader, and a neat kid. If those aren't words from God, I don't know what He sounds like. Luke's name means light and it seemed so appropriate as I listened to the words he shared with his fellow inventors. He was a shining light.

There are times when we want to wrap our children in protection. We want to fight a fight for them or lay a smooth path for them to walk.  We can't always do that, but God can. We can ask God for the things we know they need. We can trust that He will be with our children even when we can't. He will not let us down.
Is there anything that you are trying to protect your child from today? Tell God all that you fear and all that you hope for and He will do the things you simply cannot do.

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