Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Heavy Heart

Our daughter is very in tuned with our emotions. She will look into my eyes and evaluate whether or not I am stressed or happy or even present in the moment. She interacts less when I am stressed or disconnected, content to play on her own until my mind and focus return to her. But with her daddy, things are a bit different.
My husband and I were talking the other day about all the things he had on his plate. I listened, we problem solved and eventually we came up with a prayer that embodied all the things that he needed God to help him resolve. We said the prayer but when I opened my eyes, he still looked as heavy hearted as he had at the beginning of the conversation.
Our daughter had been playing on the window seat beside him as he talked, quietly coloring in my journal. When the prayer finished she stood up and said, "Dada! Up!" He picked her up and she layed her little head on his shoulder and hugged him. No, she held him. She rubbed his back and held him for a solid three minutes then picked her head up to check on him. He smiled an authentic smile. "Thanks, baby girl. Thank you so much. I needed that."She gave him one more squeeze then climbed down to find her brothers, satisfied that she had done her best to help her daddy.
I wiped the tear that had been threatening to fall during the whole interaction and looked at my husband. His shoulders had relaxed and the light was back in his eyes. She had truly restored him."She knew what I needed," he said to no one in particular."She did. And I think God did, too," I answered.
God answers our prayers in the most unexpected ways but he always answers them. He uses the arms of our children to hug us when nothing else will quiet our hearts. He drops a penny from Heaven to remind you of His love. He gives you kindness from a stranger just when you doubt the goodness of mankind. He is always there, listening and loving you.
What is heavy on your heart today? Spend a moment to tell God about it. Tell Him what you need. He is there, listening and loving you.

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