Saturday, June 27, 2015

Your Wish is My Command

"What do you want for breakfast, bud?" my husband asked my three year old.
"Waffles!" he yelled as he ran for the freezer.  (In my house, we only do freezer waffles.  Why muddy the waters by introducing them to the real thing??) My husband dug through the freezer and finally was able to pull out one single Eggo. 
"I found one waffle," he began.
"I'll take it!" my six year old yelled.
"I want it!" my three year old yelled.
"EAT!" my baby girl yelled as she tried to swipe it out of my husband's hand.
"Maybe you guys can share it," he said hopefully.  Their shoulders slumped dramatically.
He looked at them and suddenly made a decision.  "C'mon guys, we're going to Publix for waffles. We can pick up some milk while we are there." It was 7:15 AM.
They ran for the car in their jammies, thrilled at the idea of an adventure this early in the morning. 

As I listened to them pile out the front door, I felt this warm place in my heart for my husband. This is a man who truly takes care of those he loves.  He never spoils us (Okay, maybe sometimes he does) but he will do anything to serve us. If I mention that I really love peonies, there will be a bouquet in his hands when he gets home. If the kids have a toy that runs out of batteries, he replaces them before they have to ask. If we are in the mood waffles at 7:15, we are going to get those waffles.

If that had been me, I would have poured them a bowl of cereal and been done with it. There is some value to that attitude - I certainly don't want my children believing that their every wish is my command.  But there is something magical about having that happen every once in awhile. When it happens to me, I feel so loved and so important. Why shouldn't my children be given that gift as well?

Spend some time today thinking about how you can serve your family in unexpected ways. Surprise them today with something they want, love or need. You might just help them to believe in magic of love.

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