Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Event

My oldest went out to get the mail and came back in glowing.  "We got a toy catalog!  Check it out!!" he yelled as he waved it in the air. I was filled with dread.  I couldn't handle hearing, "Do I have enough money for this, too?!" twenty three times so I asked him to circle all of his favorites.  Once he narrowed them down to a few things, we could figure out what he could afford.  This particular catalog was an Oriental Trading event catalog.  His favorite was a 24 pack of smiley face trophies.

"Buddy, that includes 24 trophies.  You would just want one, right?" I asked.
"Yeah, just one.  Let's just order one."
"Well, we can't.  We have to order 24.  This is designed for events," I explained.
"Oh," he said as he wrinkled his brow (a sure sign of serious thinking).  "Well then, let's have an event!"

He ran to the printer to grab some blank paper and started planning.  
"It will be a toy building event!  I can bring wood and everyone could build wood toys.  I could bring my desk and sit there and judge who had the very best toy!  The best would get trophies."
His mouth could not keep up with his mind ask he gestured wildly and described more of the scene to me.  
"If people got upset because they didn't win, they could just BUY a trophy, right?  They could just BUY it if they wanted it.  And we could have FOOD!  Pizza!  And maybe more events to win prizes.  Like BIKE RACES!  But they would have to bring their own bikes..."

He continued like that for longer than I could even tell you.  As he talked, I thought about actually doing this.  Could we pull it off?  He would learn about budgeting, planning, inviting and time management.  Why not?

"Let's do it, bud.  I love your vision.  Would you mind if I helped you with some of the details?" I asked him.

"I already thought of all the details," he said as his enthusiasm began to deflate.

"You have a great outline.  I just mean details like, who are you going to invite and how much money do you have to spend on it.  Stuff like that."

"Mommy.  You are really taking the fun out of this," he said flatly.

"The details aren't always as much fun as the vision, that's true.  But without the details, you can't make it happen. I've planned a lot of events and I'm glad to help if you want it," I offered.

He thought about it for a moment.  "Okay," he said slowly.  "What details do we need?"

As we planned, the idea evolved from a "just for fun" event to a fundraising event for High Risk Hope. "We could just give the money to the mom's like we did with our video!  Maybe we could even give the babies some of our toys!" he said enthusiastically.  I couldn't have been more proud.

And so we are planning a wood toy building event, "Building for Babies" at our church on June 27th at 11 AM. All are welcome and my son is offering prizes to anyone who brings a friend.  If you are local, join us.  If not, maybe you could challenge yourself to follow your kids crazy ideas every once in awhile, just to see what happens.

What ideas do your kids have?  A fort in the bathtub?  Making smore's in the microwave?  Whatever they are, say yes every once in awhile.  You never know what both of you might learn.

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  1. We will be there! What a wonderful mother you are to explore your son's imagination with him. That's what makes people successful, thinking of something and then making it happen. What a great lesson for him!


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