Thursday, June 25, 2015

Opportunities to Love

My time in the morning is sacred and I keep it as child free as possible.  I take a half an hour to drink a cup of coffee and center myself for the day.  I write, read the Bible, pray and sometimes just let my mind wander. My incredible husband gives this gift to me every day and it does wonders for my sanity.  But this morning, my quiet time was a bit different.

"Can I stay to have special time with you and God?" my three year old asked.
I looked into his huge, kind eyes framed with lashes that are impossibly long and felt myself wavering. I love my alone time, but somehow I couldn't say no to this request.
"Okay, bud.  C'mon up."
He crawled up into my bed and lay his head on my lap, content to just be near me.
"Would you like to read a devotional story with me?"
"Okay," he said sleepily.
I read through a Daily Guidepost story that, interestingly, was about a mom that was on vacation with her family but completely distracted by work.  She spent 30 minutes trying to get the wireless working and feeling more frustrated by the minute while her children played in the sand.
"That not nice," my son remarked.  "She should be playing, not doing work."
"You are right, my love.  Let's read the rest and see if she does the right thing."
And she did.  She looked out the window and hung up her call to the customer support line.  She joined her family on the beach and embraced her vacation and her opportunity to make memories.
"She did the right thing!" he said as he jumped up and ran out to pour his bowl of cereal.

She did do the right thing. I hope that I did, too. There are moments that we should hold fast to our agenda and our routine. After all, we need to have some semblance of order in our lives.  But sometimes a loved one reaches out and gives us an opportunity to love them back.  It isn't always convenient but it becomes a beautiful moment when we say yes with our whole hearts. I hope that I can always do the right thing when given the opportunity.

Say yes to someone who is asking for your time and attention today, even if you don't want to.  See what happens.

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