Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Lucky Penny

Drew and Rosie were making their way up the stairs for a nap.  My daughter stopped to pick something up and showed it to me proudly.  "Oh!  You found a lucky penny! Can Mommy have that?" I asked as she tried to cram the penny into her mouth for safe keeping.  She stared at me for a minute, trying to decide if she would grant me request.  "No mouth, Rose.  Give it to Mommy."  She thrusted out the penny with a coy smile.  "Thank you, babe."

"I used to have a lucky penny," Drew said from the bottom of the stairs.  I looked to see his head drooping down dramatically.
"Oh yeah?  Did you lose it?"
"No...Lukey stole it.  He said I wasn't playing with it so he was allowed to take it.  That NOT nice, is it, Mommy?"
"Well, would you like my penny then?  I will always share with you."
"Yeah!" he said as he bounded up the stairs to grab the penny and pocket it.
I focused on helping my daughter climb the rest of the way without falling over when I heard, "Mommy?"
"Yeah, love?"
"You are my lucky penny."
He ran through the baby gate and into his room as if he was a bit embarrased of his declaration of love.  I just sat for a minute, reveling in it.

Such a simple gesture, a penny.  And yet, love is almost always made up of a series of small gestures. A smile, a note left in the car, helping out with something that is supposed to be "their job". Drew reminded me of the power of such things.  He reminded me that if we all give or do just a little bit each day for people we love and people we meet, we will make the world a better place.

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