Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Power of Persistence

Izze sparkling juice is a very popular beverage in our house.  My kids think it's soda and they are allowed to have one each day.  And when I say kids, I mean the boys.  My little lady is not quite ready for 100% juice.  She sees things a little differently.

My boys were enjoying their "Izze sodas" after playing outside and my daughter was screaming and pointing at their drink.  "AAAAHHH!!  POP!  DAT!" she said as she lunged for the can. 

"No no, Ro Ro.  You can't have soda yet," my three year old told her gently.
She gave him a very dirty look and waited quietly until he put it down.  Within seconds of touching the table top, it was in her hands.  I quickly grabbed the can before she dumped the entire contents down the front of her.  She resumed her screaming to let me know that I had clearly ruined her plan.  I asked the boys to keep the cans up high and they complied.  But she is not one to accept defeat.

She marched out to the garage and I followed her quietly.  I watched as she dug through the recycling bin to find an empty can of Izze juice.  She smiled proudly and took a pretend swig of juice.  She walked back into the living room with her little chest puffed out like a proud mama bird to show the boys her prize.  They were wrapped up in Legos and didn't pay much attention.  She decided to take matters into her own hands and bash my oldest on the head with the can.

"Ow!!  She hit me!"  he yelled.
I giggled a little then realized the error in my response as she laughed and slammed the can into his head over and over again.
"No, baby.  No hit.  If you hit, you lose the can," I told her.
The smile disappeared from her face as she clutched the can to her chest.  She tossed back her head and took another pretend drink with one eye on me.  She wasn't about to give up her prize.

I see this determination in her all the time.  She sets a goal to get a lipstick top back on and won't give up until she does it.  She decides to try and walk from the fluffy sod to the paver driveway without fallling and will try thirty times until she gets it right.  She is the most determined child I have had and I am constantly reminded of how powerful that will be when it is pointed in the right direction.  It will be a challenge; I am not naive enough to think that it won't be a tough ride sometimes.  But I admire her tenacity.  I understand the value of a strong woman.  

Do you have a child that is particularly determined?  In what ways can you direct her tenacity toward good?

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