Saturday, May 23, 2015

Praying for Daddy

We had a whirlwind of appointments the other day and spent most of the morning in the car.  I have learned that the car is the greatest conduit for conversation because we are cleared of most distractions.  They look out the window and wonder.  They ask questions about the trucks they see, the buildings we pass and the words that they try to read off of a sign.  This time, our conversations surrounded all the people in our life.

We talked about my sister who had her entire brand new basement flooded this week.  We talked about my husband and his search for a new pastor for our church.  We talked about my mom and dad and how much we missed them.  As we pulled into pediatrician's office, I told them that we ought to say a prayer for Daddy because he was just about to go into a meeting about a new pastor.  I opened my mouth to start the prayer when I heard my oldest begin.
"Dear God, please help Daddy as he tries to find a new pastor for our church.  We really miss our old pastors, God and we hope that they visit us sometimes.  Daddy has a big job. A really big job.  Help him make a good decision.  And bring Granny and Papa home cuz we really miss them. Amen."

My three year old piped in.  "But I didn't get to pray!"
"You are always welcome to pray, bud.  Do you have some things on your mind?"
"Yeah.  A few things are on my mind."  He paused then began to pray in his sweet little voice.  "Dear God. Help Daddy in his meeting.  He really need you.  And God, be with Aunt Tessie and make sure she isn't sad anymore and that they can fix their really cool basement.  And I worry about you, too, God.  I worry about how much it hurt when you died on the cross.  I hope it doesn't hurt now that you are in Heaven.  Amen."

"You guys both have wonderful hearts, do you know that?" I asked them.  "God heard your words and he will be with all those people you care about."  I looked in the rear view mirror and saw soft smiles cross both of their faces.  "And Drew, Jesus isn't in pain anymore.  There's no pain in Heaven.  Isn't that amazing?"

"," he said with gusto.

And it is amazing.  It's amazing to see them understand faith in a way that I have only recently come to know.  It's amazing that they feel the power of prayer and that they embrace all the people they love with their words. I learn so much about what is on their hearts and minds when I hear their prayers.  They trust him with everything and it's a true joy to watch their faith blossom.

What are some of your favorite prayers that your children have said?  If you haven't yet heard them pray, maybe you could try it tonight before bed.  Their sweet (and sometimes funny!) honesty will bring joy to your heart.

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