Sunday, May 10, 2015

Don't Worry

I had gotten my boys some dollar store bubbles and they were happily playing with them in the lanai. My daughter had wandered out to pop them as I did the dishes and relished a moment of quiet.  At least until my three year old screamed out.

"Noooo!!!  She dumped out all my bubbles on her head!!!"
"Rosie!  You can't dump out his bubbles baby girl," my six year old said to her.
I started toward the lanai to ask my oldest to share his bubbles with his brother.  Before I could begin talking, I heard this.

"Don't worry, Drew!  It's okay! We can always make more bubbles.  Mommy showed me how to mix dish soap and water to make our own homemade bubbles.  And they are even better than these bubbles, Drew!  They are even better!  Come on, let's go make 'em."  My six year old took his brother by the hand and led him into the kitchen to make their bubbles.  My three year old's tears quickly dried up and his spirits were restored.  He knew that his brother was on his side.

I will probably get some beautiful flowers or jewelry this Mother's Day.  I know I will get a homemade card or two that will melt my heart.  But nothing compares to seeing the fruits of my labor.  I work hard each and every day to ensure that my children have compassion, kindness and love in their hearts.  When I see them showing those traits to each other, I am filled with more joy than any gift could ever give me.

Today, sit back and revel in all that you have done well.  Watch your children.  See the incredible people that you, with God steadily guiding you, have helped to shape.  Feel the joy well up in your heart.  You have earned it.

Happy Mother's Day to you, sweet Mama!

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