Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What Makes Me Ill?

"Would you like to read or watch TV, love?" I asked my six year old.  He had a 101 degree fever and he was curled up in my bed trying to rest.  
"I can't open my eyes to watch TV so let's read."
"Okay - What sounds good?  A chapter book?"
"How about that book about being ill?  I'd like to understand what's happening in my body right now." 

I stared at him for a minute then got up to grab our book, What Makes You Ill.  We've been reading it as part of our science curriculum and he is very interested in learning all things about the human body. Still, I didn't expect him to want to read a science book while he was sick.  I went ahead and read the book to him until he told me he was ready for a nap.  As I closed it, I thought about what an incredible gift it is to homeschool him.

It is challenging sometimes. It is most certainly frustrating sometimes.  But my kids really do love to learn.  It has made them incredibly interesting people to be around.  They are always engaged with the world around them, asking questions and trying to make sense of things.  There isn't a question in the world that they are afraid to ask.  That is a gift in itself.

My children remind me that this world is full of puzzles and discoveries just waiting for us to notice and unravel.  They make me want to understand things that I may have taken at face value before they were born.  For that, I am truly thankful.

How do your children inspire you to see the world differently?

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