Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Bad Dream

My boys were making plans to stay with their Granny and Papa.  My oldest has done this sleepover successfully plenty of times but my three year usually bales out around 9.  My mom wanted to be sure that he was comfortable with trying again.

"What do you think, Drew?  Do you want to stay all night or would you rather have Mommy pick you up at bedtime?" she asked over the minivan bluetooth speaker phone.

"I am ready, Granny!  I can stay all night!  Can I sleep in your room?" he yelled.

"Of course!  We'll bring your pull out bed in there and you can sleep in Granny and Papa's room," she assured him.

"Granny!" my oldest yelled from the back seat.  "Granny!  If he has a bad dream in the middle of the night, just curl up in bed with him until he falls back asleep then you can go back to your bed.  You'll know if it's a bad dream if he's crying. That's how I know."

"Is that what you do when he has a bad dream?" she asked him tenderly.

"Yeah and that helps him to go back to sleep," he explained.

"You are such a good boy, do you know that, Luke?"

"Yeah," he said with a quiet smile on his face.

I didn't have any idea that my three year old still had bad dreams.  I certainly didn't know that his brother went in to comfort him afterward.  I felt my heart filling up with the deepest sense of gratitude.  They have each other and they always will.

I remember having such nervous thoughts about having a second child.  Would my oldest still get all the attention he needs?  Would I be able to love my second son as much as I loved my first?  Now, as I take in these moments, I can't believe I ever worried. They have an incredible friendship and deep love for one another.  They give each other more than I would have ever been able to give them individually. And as for the love I feel?  I am overwhelmed by it.  Simply and completely overwhelmed.

How are your children there for each other?  In what ways can you continue to foster that strong bond?

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