Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Power of Oxiclean

Have you ever watched the kids channel called Sprout?  It has cute little 15 minute shows that are broken up with commercials for as seen on TV products and Oxiclean.  In fact, I think Oxiclean spent the majority of their ad buy on the unsuspecting mothers that watch Sprout alongside their preschoolers.  Still, I didn't realize the power of this ad until recently.

I was giving my boys a bath and noticed a stain on the grout.  I started scrubbing it and my three year old said, "Mommy, you just need The Power of Oxiclean! It can get any stain out, even dried on spaghetti sauce!"  I gave him a blank look then giggled.  "That's true, bud.  Maybe that would work."

A few months later I was with my oldest at Lowe's. We walked by the detergent aisle and saw the Oxiclean stain remover.  "Mommy!  We have to get that for Drew!  He loves Oxiclean!"

"Really?  Okay...I need stain remover so we will just try this kind."

When we got home, my oldest burst through the door yelling for his brother.  "Drew!  You won't believe it!  Mommy got you Oxiclean!"

"Really?!  I can't believe it!  Thank you so much Mommy!  Do you have any stains I can spray?" My three year old asked.

Due to my baby girl's messy eating habits, I always have a pile ready to pretreat.  "Of course.  Here's a pile - get to work!"

That night I heard him say to my husband, "I can't believe mommy got me Oxiclean.  That is so awesome."

I have absolutely no idea why this kid wants to be a stain fighter.  My only guess is that he's been exposed to the ad enough times that he finds the whole thing exciting.  Maybe he thinks the bottle holds a super power - who knows.  But it does give me a wake up call about what he is exposed to.  He will buy into anything at this impressionable age.  I don't think that means I should completely shelter him but I do know that I should pay close attention to all that he watches, plays and hears.  And if anybody knows any catchy ads about how fun it is to scrub toilets, let me know.

How impressionable are your children?  How do you monitor the media they are exposed to?

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