Saturday, March 7, 2015

Save the Day

There is a period of life when you believe that your parents can do anything.  I have heard my oldest say, "Mommy, what do you mean you don't know?  You are a grown up!  You know everything!"  I will have to tell him that I am always learning, just as he will keep doing his whole life.  But for little boys, no one is more powerful and invincible than their daddy.

The kids and I decided to go swimming at the neighborhood pool this week on a whim.  The boys jumped on their bikes and my friend Jen and I loaded up the wagon with beach towels, snacks and my one year old daughter.  It has been cloudy and chilly here for weeks and we had a bit of cabin fever.  It felt amazing to be outside.  

The boys jumped in the pool with abandon while my daughter and I sat in the shallow water.  We laughed and talked and splashed until I realized they were splashing two teenage girls trying their best to get a tan.  The girls tried to be patient but eventually decided to pack up and head home.  Except they couldn't get out.

Our pool is fenced and you have to have a key fab to get in.  To exit, you press a button to release the lock.  Unfortunately for all of us, the lock would not release.  We tried a few different ways and even considered climbing the fence (dinner was in the oven and no one was at home!).  I decided to call my husband.  "Listen, we are locked in the pool.  Do you have the association president's number?  Maybe he has a key that overrides this thing." I asked.He sighed and said, "I'm only five minutes from home.  If I can't fix it, I'll call him."I told my crew and the teenages the plan and we settled in to wait.  The girls began to chatter about the situation saying things like, "Oh my God!  I can't believe we are trapped at the pool!"  When my three year old overheard them, he jumped out of the pool and ran over to hold their hands.  "Don't worry guys.  Daddy will save the day."  Satisfied he had calmed their hearts, he jumped right back into the water.

My husband did, in fact, save the day by lodging his key into the lock and releasing it.  My three year old ran into his arms saying, "Daddy!  You saved the day!  How did you save the day!?"  He was utterly amazed at the power of his daddy.

Kids challenge us all the time, but they also admire us.  They watch what we do and how we do it much more than they listen to what we say.  My husband showed him he was worth the hero worship that day at the pool.  I hope I can always live up to the way my kids see me.  

How can you live up to the expectations your children have of you?  This week, focus on your actions rather than your words.  Do your best to make them proud.

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