Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Year of Dates

My husband and I are always battling to spend time together.  And I do mean battling.  We try to set aside twenty minutes in the morning for a devotional but someone is always interrupting.  My baby girl will rip the book out of our hands after she gets bored with her pile of toys or one of our sons runs in to tattle on the other.  So we tried to do the devotional at night.  I, however, check out emotionally and intellectually by 8:30.  We are back to trying to mornings and, although it's hard, we won't quit.

During one of our devotionals, we were asked to make a list of the top three things we need from each other.  At the top of both of our lists was time together; With three children it is certainly a valuable commodity. And so for Valentine's Day, I made a plan for a year of dates.

I searched Groupon and Amazon Local and found great deals for all kinds of adventures.  I chose some things that we already love to do together and other things we have never done.  I put each date in an envelope to open on the first of each month (plenty of time to book a sitter!) and we went on our first date last week.

We went to a cooking class (my husband is a very talented cook) and held hands while we drank craft beer and learned how to make "elevated pub grub".  We talked, really talked on the way home.  As we pulled in the driveway he said, "Thanks for doing this, babe.  This was awesome."  And it was.  It was awesome to spend time with this man I love more than anyone else in this world.  

I realized how easy it is to forget that when I'm so caught up in everything my kids need.  They are much more vocal about their wants and needs.  I spend my days tuned in to what they are interested in and whether they have eaten enough fruits and vegetables and if they have had enough sleep.  When my husband gets home, he's as tired as I am and we just do our best to listen to each other's day amid the chaos.  It's easy to get out of touch.  It's easy to just go through the motions.  But there will come a time when the kids have moved on to their own lives.  My hope is that my husband and I are just as close (if not closer!) by the time that day comes.

Do you and your spouse feel that you have enough time together?  How can you make each other's needs a priority?

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