Thursday, February 5, 2015

The First Year

My beautiful girl turned one yesterday and I have been flooded with emotion.  There is something about their first birthday, don't you think?  The first year is so exhausting, emotional and amazing all at once.  You have the incredible opportunity to watch this tiny blob (a blob that is obviously the cutest most incredible blob to ever exist...) become a real person.  First, it's a lop sided smile.  Then maybe a giggle or a quick roll to their belly.  Before you know it, they are sitting up, crawling, and actually communicating with you.  You learn what makes them crabby, what excites them, what makes them laugh.  You watch a personality unfold like a flower and fall in love with each intricacy you discover.  Yes, the first year is magical.

I spent a few minutes yesterday going through pictures of her and when I saw this one, my heart lurched.
This is my girl at two days old.  She was four pounds, ten ounces and she was still in an incubator.  I can still feel that ache to hold her.  I can still feel the fear that lived in the pit of my stomach.  And then I looked at this one that was taken yesterday morning...
And I am reminded how good our God is.   That four pound baby has turned into a little girl that can dance to Taylor Swift like nobody's business, eat more than her brothers and light up a room with her smile.  It's a better outcome than I ever could have imagined one short year ago.

When we stare into the faces of our infants, I believe it's the closest thing we can feel to the way that God sees us.  He wants the very best for us.  He wants to pave a clear path for us.  He loves us unconditionally.  It can be hard to remember that in the face of adversity.  It can feel as if everything is against us.  So if you need a reminder of His love today, look into the eyes of your child.  When you feel overwhelmed with love, you will remember.

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