Thursday, February 19, 2015

Is it True?

I came down the stairs after giving my daughter a bath and heard my husband and oldest son talking.  "I know it's sad that some people are homeless, bud," my husband was saying, "but that's why there are organizations like Habitat for Humanity that build houses for people.  They work hard to make sure hardworking people and their families can have homes."  My son got quiet for awhile which means that the wheels in his head were turning.  An hour later, it was time to tuck him in.  

"Mommy?  Why don't some people have homes?" he asked.

"Lots of reasons, honey.  Some people have made bad decisions, some people have just had bad luck.  They could have lost their job or had really high medical bills they couldn't pay.  There are lots and lots of reasons.  We are so blessed to have a home and food," I explained, trying to give an answer fit for a six year old.

"Is it true that they have to live in their cars sometimes?  Even the kids?" he asked, his eyes filled with disbelief.

"Yes, that is true.  But that's why there are organizations that help.  Like the one Daddy told you about," I told him.

"I know.  I told Daddy I would give them $30 from my money to help those families.  Is that a lot of money?"

"It is a lot of money, bud.  It takes three weeks of hard work for you to earn $30.  That will really help them out."

"He said I could go to help them build, too.  There's a guy at church that does that."

"Even better," I said.

He is scheduled to help out at a building site next Tuesday and the donation has been made.  I couldn't be more proud of him.

We all feel a deep sadness when we hear of people in a desperate situation.  But I wonder how much we have stopped hearing because of the shear volume of bad news that surrounds us.  Children have a unique ability to focus in and hear things with their hearts.  What would happen if we did the same?  Would we begin to take action?  Would we try to find ways to help and actually do it?  I know that I want to do things to help all the time but life gets in the way.  Maybe, if I can just help my children make a difference, I can too.

What causes tug at you or your children's heart strings?  How can you make a small impact on those that are affected today?

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