Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sharing is Caring...Most of the Time

"Mama!  I have a booger!" my three year old yelled from the backseat.  I peered back to see him proudly holding a giant booger on the tip of of his finger.  Nice.  

"Oh man, buddy!  Let me get you a kleenex."  I rooted around in my bag but I couldn't seem to find my pack of kleenex.  I did find toddler underwear (a must), receipts from everything I have purchased in the past year and four chocolate chip granola bars.  Visions of what might happen to the booger flooded my brain as I searched in vain.  Boogers on the window.  Boogers smeared on his car seat.  Boogers in his mouth..."Just don't eat it, okay buddy?" I said, hoping to choose the most likely scenario.

Shocked that I would suggest something so disgusting, he immediately replied with, "Mama!  I don't eat boogers.  That gross!  Who eats boogers?"

My husband tried to hold back a smile.  "Luke eats his boogers, don't you, Luke?"  

My oldest had no shame.  "Yeah, I really like 'em.  Salty," he replied.

My husband and I fell into laughter and a series of, "Oh that is so gross," and "Buddy you really shouldn't eat your boogers!" but my considerate three year old had a different line of thinking.

"You can have my booger if you want, Lukie," he said as he extended the mass of snot to his brother.

"Nah, that's okay, Drew.  I only eat mine."

Disgusting?  Yes.  But thoughtful?  Absolutely.  When my three year old realized his brother enjoyed something that he had, he was willing to share it.  You have to appreciate the love in that gesture.

Do you have anything that you can share with someone you love today?  An article that pertains to their interest, a shirt you no longer wear or maybe an inspirational quote?  By all means, do.  Just don't share your boogers.

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  1. Luke and Drew, thank you so much for SHARING....not Boogers....but your bikes, toys, and LOVE for my neighbors in Florida, who do not have toys for their GRANDCHILDREN when they visit! You willingly let us load up your much loved bikes and shared them for a long, long time with other children that you have NEVER met! That shows such self control, love of others, caring, and concern that your parents already demonstrate often....but to expect two young children to do the same....AMAZING! Steve and I love you all just like we love our own Grandchildren and we miss you so very much. You have amazing parents....treasure them always. They love you three....TO THE MOON AND BACK! We hope to see you soon! Steve and Janet


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