Monday, December 8, 2014

Save the Worm!

I brought the kids out to play in the dirt and within five minutes they found a dried up worm.  In my first few years of raising little boys, this may have made me cringe.  Now, it is simply one more discovery.  "Just throw it over there guys," I said distractedly.  I looked up and my eyes met theirs.  Apparently I had said something very very wrong.

"We can't just throw him, Mama!  He need a house!" my three year old said.  
"Yeah!" my oldest jumped in.  "He's just thirsty and hungry and cold!  Do you feel how windy it is?  He must be so scared!  Let's make him a house, Drew."
They set to work on the perfect worm house while they discussed what kind of habitat he would need.  
"He's gonna need some grass, Drew.  Go pull some grass.  A lot of it," my oldest directed.  As he waited for the worm's rations to arrive, he built a little nest in the dirt.  "Worms live in the dirt, right Mommy?"  
"Yes, the dig holes in the dirt and live there."
"I have the food, worm!" my three year old yelled as he ran for the dirt pile. "He need a roof!"
"Drew!  He doesn't need a roof!  He's got the dirt!" my oldest countered.
"Yeah but it going to rain.  He will get wet."
"Let's build a roof!" my oldest said, swayed by his brother's fantastic argument.
They worked together to save this already dead worm for twenty minutes more and then, satisfied with their work, went back to doing somersaults.

"Do you think that worm is okay, Mommy?" my oldest asked as I tucked him into bed that night.  "I think he's in a much better place now that you helped him.  I was really proud of you for taking care of him."
"Well, God made worms too, right?" he said.  Right, I thought.

Simply put and so wonderfully right.  We have to care for all things that God has made with love, even if they seem undeserving.  We must think of what they need and provide it, even if it takes us away from something we really want to do.  We should remember that our job is to help, even when it may seem hopeless.  That is why we are here.

How can you care for something or someone today that you wouldn't normally help?

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