Friday, December 12, 2014

Random Act of Kindness

We went to an impromptu party at our neighbor's house last night.  My boys played on their own as the adults talked and enjoyed cocktails around the fire pit.  We laughed and passed our daughter around to neighbors who love her like their own granddaughter until dinner was announced. Everyone made their way through the buffet line and found a seat. We automatically sat down as a family unit and most of the others did the same.  Except one man who sat all by himself.

He wasn't a neighbor; he was the brother-in-law of a neighbor.  His sister-in-law joked about him sitting all by himself and my boys were watching the interaction.  "I'll go sit with him if he's all by himself.  Is that okay, Daddy?" my oldest asked.  "I'll grab my plate and you bring over my milk."
My husband told him that would be perfectly fine as he helped him off his chair and grabbed his milk.  

My son climbed into the oversized chair next to the man and started a conversation.  "So, how are you?" and "What did you pick to eat for dinner?"  The older gentleman smiled softly, answered his questions and asked a few of his own.  His wife eventually made her way to the table and said, "I didn't realize you were sitting out here all alone!"  Without missing a beat, he said, "I'm not alone at all.  This nice young man is here to keep me company."

I am always prompting my kids to do and say kind things but there is nothing more magical than watching them show kindness on their own.  I see all the good in them; I have since the moment I knew I was carrying each of them.  But to see them bring that goodness out into the world to share brings me such awesome joy.

What kind things have your children done lately?  Go ahead and brag!

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