Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Baby's First Christmas

We unpacked the Christmas decorations before we even reheated our Thanksgiving leftovers; That's how excited we were.  We packed ourselves in the car and picked out the perfect Christmas tree before 10 AM on Friday and got to work decorating it before we even let the branches rest.  (Getting up at 6 AM does have its benefits).

Most of our ornaments were made around our kitchen table or given to us by loved ones.  Our Christmas tree decorations wouldn't win any beauty contests but they are such a strong symbol of a loving family - One that is messy and crazy yet calm and soothing all at once.  As we opened up each ornament, my oldest son would tell a story.  "Remember Mommy!  This was my very first ornament when I was a baby.  The Pooh bear one was my very first ornament."  
My three year old joined the game.  "Mama!  This was was MY very first ornament," he said as he pulled out a mini wedding dress ornament given to me at my bridal shower.  
"Well, that one is mine but we can definitely find yours," I said.  
"Oh!  Drew!  Here it is!" my oldest said as he pulled out the baby picture of his brother.  My youngest looked at it lovingly.  
"Awww, that was me when I was a baby." He stopped for a moment, and looked at me.  "Mama!  It OUR baby's first Christmas right now!"

And so it is.  I gazed at our baby as she explored all the ornaments she would soon be yanking off the tree and I got a bit misty eyed.  It's our family's last "baby's first Christmas" but the beginning of so much more.  It's the beginning of messy Christmas cookie baking sessions that end with more flour on the floor than in the cookies.  It's the launching pad of vital life lessons like, "giving is more important than receiving" and teaching them to celebrate the gift of Jesus.  It's hours of dreaming about the magic of Santa and his little elves.  It's a glorious excuse to spend lots of time with people we love.  It truly is magical.  Children understand that.  And if we pay attention, we just might let some of that magic rub off on us. 

How can you ignore your Christmas to-do's and embrace the magic of Christmas today?

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