Sunday, November 16, 2014

My Little Buddy

I took my kids to the park the other day to enjoy the sunshine and hoped that there would be other kids for them to play with.  School is in session and, most days, we find ourselves alone in the park.  But this day we were in luck.  My oldest rolled his oversized dumptrack down to the sand pit and found another five year old that was just as passionate about filling and dumping sand.  My middle found the swings and rocked back and forth with a daydreaming look in his eye.  That left the baby and I on the bench for a snack and some conversation.

There were three kids playing and I started asking their grandparents their ages and names.  One man who had a three year old boy with him said, "Oh, he's not my grandson.  He's my neice's son but we are raising him."  I told him how lucky the little boy was to have him.  "Well, I look at it the other way around.  He had a heart attack right after he was born and they brought him back to life.  We were in the hospital for a long time.  A really long time."  He stopped and looked at this beautiful child for a moment.  "Anyway, he has a degenerative kidney disease.  He probably will only live a few more years."

I took that in for a minute.  He had said so much in that short little phrase.  "Do you find yourself worrying all the time?" I asked.

"No.  We are old enough to know not to worry.  He's my little buddy.  I take him everywhere I go.  We try to give him the very best life while he is with us on earth.  We've looked into transplants but the kidney transplants only last a few years.  Did you know that?  I just learned that when I started researching all of this.  Anyway, we think it's best to just enjoy him."

"What a beautiful way to look at it."  My eyes started misting over as I followed his gaze to this busy little three year old.  "You are a true angel.  You are blessing his life every day."

"Thank you but he's the one blessing mine."

My breath caught for a minute.  How incredible.  Some would only see the tragedy, the utter unfairness of this.  Some would be filled with anger and resentment.  But this man felt blessed in the midst of this undeniably sad circumstance.  He and his wife made a point to give this kid an incredible life from beginning to end.  That is what it means to be a Perchable person.  

Are you thankful in all circumstances?  I wish I could say that I am but I am not always able to see the blessings in the pain.  Let's look at our lives today and figure out how to take a page out of this wonderful man's book.  What is happening in your life that may be a blessing in disguise?

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