Saturday, November 29, 2014

Messy Again

My oldest has been absolutely against moving.  We try to explain that it will be better. You will have a yard to play in!  (I like the yard we have now.)  You will have your own room! (I like sharing with Drew.)  You will have more room for your trains! (I have enough room here.)  Nothing we have said has made a difference.  Until we started cleaning up the house.

It went on the market Friday and we sat the kids down to explain the process.  "Lots of people are going to come and look at our house so we have to keep it really clean.  We have to put toys away right after we use them and clean up messes as we make them.   We can't leave stuff all over the place anymore."
"But I don't want to sell our house," my oldest said.
"We know buddy," my husband said with a sigh.  "But we are going to sell it and we're going to need your help."

We had our first showing that same day and we all hustled to clean up the house.  I carted the baby around on my hip as I directed the kids and grabbed toys under every chair and table in the house.  (How does everything get there, anyway?) We hustled to the car with five minutes to spare.
"Mommy," my oldest said.
"Yeah, bud."
"I'm ready to move."
"Really?  What changed your mind?"
"I'd like to go back to having a messy house.  Let's hurry up and sell this place so that I can be messy again."

Life is so straightforward to kids, isn't it?  I had worried about his emotional state - Would I be traumatizing him by moving and introducing all this change??  And yet, he is on board with moving as long as he can make a mess again.  It's a good reminder to not over think things. I am going to work on that one.

Do you overthink decisions involving your kids?  How can you work on letting some of that go?

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