Monday, November 24, 2014

Learning Shapes

My three year old has recently wanted to start trying to draw shapes.  He's great at circles and rounded squares but he mostly just scribbles.  Isn't that was three year olds are supposed to do?  Still, he is not satisfied.

"You know what, Mama?" he asked me one morning.  "I want to draw a heart.  I want to draw a heart just for you."
"That is so sweet, buddy!  I would love that."
"Drew, look!" his brother said as he raced to the chalkboard.  "There's a heart!  See it? It's right there!  See it?"
"Yeah, I see it.  It look really really hard," my three year old answered.
"But you can do it. I will help you," I told him.
"Okay, but it gonna be hard. I have to draw a triangle and a butt to make that heart."
I stopped and looked at the heart and started laughing out loud.  "Well, I never looked at it that way but you are right!  It's a triangle with a butt on top!  Ready to try it?"  And so we did.

Kids are hilarious. They see the world through a completely different lense and they have no hesitation about sharing it with us.  I absolutely love that about them.  We should all take a page out of their book.  Embrace your creative side today and don't be afraid to express yourself.  It just might bring you a great amount of joy.

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  1. "I have to draw a triangle and a butt..."

    <3 [grin]



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