Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Keep Doing What You Are Doing

My five year old shows many signs of being gifted.  I say that with hesitation because I believe all children are gifted in some way.  Whether they are great at school work or musically inclined or emotionally in touch or tremendous athletes, they are gifted.  As a homeschooling mom, I try to really pay attention to my kids' areas of giftedness.  I want them to be able to fully explore those areas and understand that there are many ways to be "smart".  But sometimes I worry that I will not be able to keep up with my son's gifts.  Sometimes I worry he will blow me out of the water by third grade.

Every where we go, someone stops us to tell us how smart he is.  The pediatrician marvels at his verbals skills.  Waitresses pull us aside to say how impressed they are with his manners and reading skills.  Recently, at an ear, nose and throat appointment, the doctor said, "There's something special about this kid.  I really hope you are doing everything you can to help him reach his potential."  While it would be easy to feel proud of this, I see it as a mounting challenge.  Am I doing enough?  Is he challenged enough?  I'm never sure.  So I prayed.  I prayed for God to help me to know if I need to outsource more of his learning to people who actually know what to do with gifted kids.  I prayed for God to help me to know if I'm on the right track.  And yesterday at our town's Chalk Festival, I got my answer.

Chalk artists from all over the country congregated in Venice, FL to draw endangered species.  We have been studying animals and I thought the kids would love to see these beautiful drawings that colored an entire city block.  We came upon a picture of a frog and my three year old asked what it was.  "It's a froggy," the artist answered as he shaded the webbed feet of the frog.  
"Actually, it's a poison dart frog," my oldest said.
"No way - Really?  Is it really a poison dart frog?" my husband asked the artist.
The artist stared at us open mouthed.  "He's right.  It's a poison dart frog.  That's insane.  That kid is a genius.  Keep doing what you are doing."

I let that phrase sit with me for a minute.  Keep doing what you are doing.

We looped around the block to see the drawings from another perspective and a woman touched my arm.  "Excuse me.  Your son was really amazing when he knew what type of frog that was.  I was so impressed."
"Oh, thank you.  We've been studying animals at home so that's probably why he knew it," I answered.
"Well, keep doing what you are doing.  It's working."

I couldn't deny that God was trying to tell me something.  Keep doing what I'm doing.  Believe in myself.  I am doing enough.

We all have doubts about our choices as parents.  That's why I find it so amazing that we have a parent that we can always turn to.  God.  He may not answer us right away.  He might not answer us in the way that we expect.  But he will answer us.  Always.

What fears do you have that you could hand to God today?

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