Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Little Nurturing

Every October we spend an evening at a hometown festival called Sun Fiesta.  We drink a little beer, eat way too much and watch the boys bounce in the bounce houses.  This year, we had our little baby girl with us.  She hadn't quite finished her jar of pureed something or other so the boys raced to the bounce houses while I stayed with her.  

She sat on a picnic table and grabbed a huge pile of napkins to wave back and forth and up and down.  She giggled as she watched them blow in the wind.  We talked about the band that played in the background and I sang the cheesy eighties songs just so that I could get some smiles out of her.  Still half smiling, she went back to her napkins.  Then I saw her stop and look up at me with love.  She reached over and gently wiped the corner of my mouth, just like I have done with her countless times.  I wasn't sure if that was her intent so I said, "Thank you, baby!  I think you missed a spot.  How about over here?"  She paused and looked at her napkin then reached up again to gently clean off my face.  

My little boys are tremendously kind but they have never been nurturing.  She was exactly that.  She wanted to mimic my care taking.  She is learning how to care for others.  Or maybe it's innate, natural and the way she, as a little girl, has been designed.  Whatever the reason, it was wonderful to see a bit of her heart.  I got a glimpse of her personality and spirit that I would (and DO!) miss when she is being lugged all around town on my hip.  And for that I am so grateful.

We focus so much on the love we give to our children and when that love is returned, there is no better feeling.  They are watching us all the time.  The more love we show them, the more they will have in their heart.  

Spend some time watching their loving gestures this week and pat yourself on the back.  You really are doing a great job.

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