Friday, September 12, 2014

I Love You

"Drew!  You hold this end of the jump roap and I'll hold this end!" my oldest said as he climbed into the van after co-op.  "If you hold it, it means we are buddies!"
Drew grabbed ahold of the rope and a small smile passed over his lips.  Buddies.  He liked the sound of that. 
"Let's pretend it's a phone!  And we can talk to each other!  Even though I'm in the back seat!" my oldest continued.
"Okay Luke!"
"Okay Drew!  Let's try it!  I love you!" he said into the jump roap handle.
My little one paused for a moment.  "Oh, thank you Luke.  I love you too," he said tenderly.

They put on their headphones to listen to Curious George stories and finished the ride holding on to their buddy rope.  

Maybe they say "I love you" to each other because they hear it so often.  Maybe they said "I love you" because they missed each other during their co-op classes.  Or maybe it was just in their hearts at that very moment.  Whatever the reason, it was a reminder to me.  

It was a reminder to never forget the importance of telling someone I love them.  No matter what conflict life throws at us, or how busy we are or how much we have happening in our lives, we need to say I love you every day.  We just never know how much someone needs to hear it.

Who can you call today to say, "I love you"?

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