Thursday, September 18, 2014

Enjoying the Moment

I carry my iPhone everywhere.  I take pictures of my kids almost every single day.  I see a cute moment and I grab my phone out my back pocket and try to capture it.  But today, I accidentally left my phone at home and it was a very different experience.

My sons were having lunch with my dad so I had some special time with my baby girl.  We grabbed a picnic at the grocery store (pureed sweet potatoes for her, sandwich for me) and headed to the park. I wanted her to try out the swings for the very first time and started telling her all about it as we made our way to the playground.  "You are going to love this," I told her.  "We'll go nice and slow at first and you tell me what you think."

I lifted her up and dropped her little michelin man legs into the holes of the baby swing.  She looked at me with uncertainty then realized she could hang on to the chain that held the swing in place.  Her eyes met mine and she broke out into a huge grin.  I reached for my phone and realized it wasn't there.  At first, I was upset.  This was a "first" after all.  I wanted to capture it.  But then I realized that her eyes hadn't left mine.

I decided to focus all my attention on her - A true rarity - And enjoy this moment to the fullest.  I pushed her gently and tickled her little legs.  I kissed her each time she swung toward me.  I laughed and smiled with her.

Here's what I didn't do.  I didn't take a picture of her then take a few minutes to decide which one was best while I pushed her absentmindedly.  I didn't review my Facebook feed or upload a picture of her.  I didn't send a "quick" text to my friends.  I didn't feel the pull of the emails that were sitting in my inbox.  And I didn't miss any of her smiles.

While I love my collection of pictures, I loved that time with her more.  Sometimes my phone becomes a distraction.  I get lured by the escape of Facebook, blogs, texts and emails for longer than I'd like to admit.  After today, I think I'm going to put it down a little bit more.  I'm going to see their smiles with my eyes rather than through the lens of my camera.  I'm going to relax and really be in that moment.

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