Thursday, September 11, 2014

Can She Tuck Us In?

My sons adore their baby sister.  They spend most of their day vying for her attention by making silly faces, kissing her cheeks or dancing until she giggles.  She, in turn, adores them.  She cannot crawl but she will roll across the carpet as many times as it takes to get close to them.  As they talk, her eyes twinkle with delight.  They are perfect in her eyes.  And she can't seem to get enough of them.

I am sure she needs her afternoon nap around noon but she begs to differ.  Even though her eyes are red rimmed and she can't stop rubbing them, she fights her nap.  Each day I read to her then gently put her in her crib.  Her eyelids are heavy as she pulls her blanket up and rolls onto her side.  Then, without fail, one of the boys peaks in and says, "Mommy?"  The moment she hears their voices, it is over.  Her face lights up with a smile and she's ready to go again.

I have tried to remind her that it's night night time and replace the binky but her smile is too broad to hold it in her mouth.  If I leave, she protests loudly until I get her out of her crib and back with her boys.  I eventually give in and bring her out to read books with us and she will not settle with snuggles from Mommy.  She hurls herself off my lap to sit next to her brother of choice and leans against their chests as we read.  Even though she kicks the pages of the book and tries to eat their shirts, they indulge her.

When it's time to go to bed, they always ask if Rosie can tuck them in.  I lay her down in each of their beds so that they can have "special time" with her.  They hug her, kiss her and lately she has begun to hug and kiss them back.  They tell her she's cute and that they love her more than their brother.  And then, finally, everyone is ready to rest.

I take her back to her crib and she falls asleep with a gentle smile on her face.  She's sure that she isn't missing anything now.  She is sure that she is loved.

How do you see your children loving one another?  Is there anything more pure and sweet in the world?  I don't think so.

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