Friday, August 15, 2014

Rain Helps You Grow

Life has been a little tougher than usual lately; I think that some seasons of life are just that way.  The last six months have thrown us our fair share of hoops to jump through and we're doing our best to keep our faith strong and trust the path we are on.  And yet, each time I hear something new that I must deal with, I fold into myself for a little while.  Yesterday was one of those days.

I was looking at Facebook and my sister's mother-in-law had posted a picture of my nephews in front of their moving van in Denver, CO.  It's a moving van that left our town in Florida only a week ago and when I saw it, my heart lurched.  My sister, my brother-in-law and my nephews are really and truly gone.  I've spent plenty of time rationalizing (We can still visit!  They are doing the right thing for their family!  We can FaceTime all the time!  etc.) but sometimes you just have to acknowledge that something hurts.  

My sons noticed that I was off and asked me what was wrong.  "I'm just feeling sad about Aunt Tessie being away," I explained.  "I'll be okay, don't worry!" They looked at me closely as if they were trying to figure out if I was telling them the truth.
"What is your favorite thing to draw?" my oldest asked.  He has been drawing trains for hours every day and I assumed he was changing the subject.
"Umm...I like to draw flowers usually.  Flowers and sunshine.  Makes me happy," I told him.
"Okay!" he said as he dashed up the stairs to grab some crayons.  I figured that he was done with the conversation and moved on to kitchen clean-up.

Within a few minutes, I felt his little hand tapping my hip.  "Mommy, look at my drawing," he said.  I looked down and saw a blue flower with grass and rain dripping on the flower.  It had "Mom" written along the bottom.
"Honey, this is really beautiful.  Thank you so much for drawing something that makes me happy," I said to him.
"I just wanted to remind you that it has to rain for pretty things to grow," he said.

My little philosopher warmed my heart through and through.  It certainly does have to rain for things to grow.  We can't expect sunshine in our lives all the time.  It's the rough times that end up shaping us and helping us to become all that we are.  I'm so appreciative of my son for reminding me.

What challenges in your life have helped to shape you?  If you are in the middle of one now, have some faith.  There is a purpose.

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