Thursday, August 28, 2014

Impromtu Picnic

My babysitter decided at the very last minute to go away to college.  She had been accepted; I knew it was a possibility.  But I wasn't quite ready to hear that she was actually going away.  I've been rather spoiled, you see.  I've had a sitter watching my kids one day a week for quite a long time and I've gotten used to that time.  I love being able to do a million things (who knew that Target runs only take 20 minutes when you don't have three small children with you!) and I love doing absolutely nothing (Taking time to think is very underrated these days).  Today marked my first day without this free time and so I said a quick prayer that I would enjoy my children and still have some time on my own.

We piled into the car after a bit of school work and headed to Target for a few odds and ends.  I repeated the prayer - Help me enjoy my kids - then started up the car.  As we cruised the aisles, my oldest found everything interesting.  "Oh my gosh, Mommy! They make Despicable Me JAMMIES!  Did you know that?!" he exclaimed.  My middle happily ate his goldfish while wearing his sunglasses and got more than a few, "Aren't you a cool guy?" comments from old ladies.  My daughter rode on my hip in her sling and cooed and smiled at everyone she passed. Our two items turned into ten and the 20 minute run took an hour and a half but we really did have fun together.

I grabbed the boys some lunch when we got home then headed upstairs to put the baby down for a nap.  When I came downstairs, the house was completely silent.  I called the boys names but they didn't answer.  Worried that they had gone outside, I opened the garage door and found them sitting there eating their lunch.  "We're having a picnic, Mama!" my three year old announced.  
"I see that!" I said.  Did you get yourselves drinks and everything?" I asked.  
"Yep," my oldest answered.  "And we got towels for a picnic blanket!  Grab a towel and some lunch!" he said.  And so I did.

As I ate my cold slice of pizza, I thought about how lucky I am to be a part of these moments.  Although there are times that I wish my house had an escape hatch, I am incredibly grateful to be there for impromtu picnics and Target discoveries and invitations to play.  It won't last forever so I'm going to do my best to enjoy them while they happen.  

Do you ever have days that you wish you were alone instead of with your kids?  How do you get yourself back on track to enjoying their company?

All three of them are sleeping now - A true rarity.  I have time to write and think and rest.  Who says that God doesn't answer our prayers?

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